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Crudimentary Questions is hosted by two Nashvillian women and long-time buddy friends, Sandy & Jill, whose many wine-induced vulgar conversations during social gatherings have alienated them from civilized society. Who knew that so many people were embarrassed by dick jokes? And why must adults talk about their boring jobs instead of positing an existence where their only means of survival is cannibalism? Let’s talk about eating people, people! 

So, with a heavy heart, Sandy & Jill are sworn to filter themselves at most parties from now on (their friends have children now). But, alas, all is not a lost! For a brave hero atop a shining steed approaches with pulsing sword in hand and his name is PODCASTING. And so together, they shall go forth and converse of true wonders and inquiries such as:


  • Does poo color mean anything?
  • Do you ever fantasize about witch powers?
  • Does hair grow inside the butt?

Because the internet cannot be filtered. And this is where Sandy & Jill belong.

Stay Crude, dudes.