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Sam’s BBQ Cult

Our friend Sam has started a cult.
It’s a BBQ Cult. All are welcome to join. He is all about feeding people and people feeding. It’s a really, really, really great, yummy tasting cult.

If you would like to join, visit

Become a follower.

Secret’s in the sauce.


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Sandy breaks down the great stages of an erection.
Jill edits it into a song/video.
There are inflatable penises involved.

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Guide to Getting It On

Dudes. Friends let friends borrow sex books. This should be a more prevalent thing. Our good friend, Zack, at one time, let us both borrow the book “Guide to Getting It On” and we are ever so grateful for that experience. Hey, and you can GET IT ON Amazon (bah!) if you are so inclined. Seriously, you need it.

We reference this book in our latest episode about Erections as just “The Sex Book” and realized we’ve never fully explained what it’s called or what it’s about or anything. This is the time, people.

This book taught us so much vital information in our formative sex-learning years (aka college). More than parents or teachers were ever willing to teach. Because, hey, guess what? Sex shouldn’t be forbidden or clinical or gross or explained awkwardly by disrespected adults.

No, sex should be fun! Thrilling! Amazing! Yes, a little awkward and naughty but in a safe, vulnerable place. And please explain it to us with wonderful, non-censored drawings of real people having real sex. Talk about the pleasure of it… and with good humor! So much lovely humor.

We just purchased our own used copy (best to buy a used sex book, amiright?) so pretty sure we’ll be posting some excerpts in the future. Stay tuned, my dudes.

Jill & Sandy

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Pizza Sex

Jill makes her sims act out an excerpt from our latest episode Virginity: Stuffed Crust Pizza available Tuesday March 22

“My poor sims.  In order to record this footage, I fed them nothing but ice cream and pizza and made them have sex over and over again until both their bladders were full and they were miserable.” -Jill

“I love how they smash their faces into the ice cream cones.” -Sandy

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The Embarrassing Box

We made up a game. It’s legit. Well, as legit as taping a black box shut and pairing it with a janky-ass sign. But anyways, it works. It’s simple and stupid and we love it because it got our friends to tell us their most embarrassing stories. Guess what? Most of them involve POOP.

Enjoy the entries below. Share your own poop story in the comments! #noshame

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Sandy & Jill Make a Porno

You guys, we are ARTISTS. This is an art film we produced. It’s sensual. It’s beautiful. It’s horrifying. It’s a comment on our society’s expectation of sexual norms and how we must break free from our metaphorical undergarments.

But seriously, it’s just a porno. We make plastic people without genitals do things. It’s weird. It’s grotesque. Enjoy.

And don’t forget to listen to our latest episode Genitals: Inverted Front Butt.

Sandy & JIll

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New !$%*!@ (censored)

Sandy & Jill here. We have a new F!@#% episode out about Profanity so we decided to tell you about it in this weird and cuss-filled video (see above). Please watch! We bleep the bad words! Leave a comment if you would like a link to the naughty uncensored version. It’s pretty foul. As always – stay crude!

Sandy & Jill

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Hey! It’s been 10 days since our first episode was released. What do you think? Is it garbage? Is it profound? Is it nonsense? Will it be on the internet forever and embarrass us when we’re 80 years old? PROBABLY. We would love your feedback, even if it’s just to say… “Please stop! This isn’t funny!” …because, hey, at least that means you’re listening.

Where the magic happens… Also Jill’s cat wants to be on the podcast.

And NEWS FLASH: our next episode is coming out hot and ready next Tuesday. It’s a good-un so make sure you SUBSCRIBE TO OUR ITUNES. It’s weird. It’s mysterious. It’s stupid. We talk about Sinbad and goats. You won’t wanna miss out. Stay crude, dudes.

Sandy & Jill


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Soft Opening

We’d like to announce the “soft opening” of our first episode titled Nudity: Extreme Sports currently available for stream or download on a few legit places known as:

Where it’s not available yet? Well, it’s probably not on some of your cool podcast apps yet. SAD FACE. But it will be! We’re just waiting for approval from a couple other legit places known as iTunes & Google Play. It could be 48 hours or 2 weeks before they approve our dirty, little podcast. And, whatever, we’re tired of waiting! We’ve been sitting on our hands and smelling our own farts for far too long. It’s time.

So here it is! In all of its obscene glory. We’ll make a more official announcement once iTunes gets off its lazy ass and approves us. Uhhh… meaning once beautiful, merciful, all-powerful iTunes bequeaths us the ability to become a podcast.


And please listen to our show.

Sandy & Jill

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Hey! Sandy and Jill, here. We’re getting ready to launch this baby out of our vaginas and into the world. That’s right, we’ve birthed a podcast. And it’s messy and bloody and difficult and, yes, there’s definitely poop involved.

So, please stay tuned as we prepare to release our first episode where we ask each other important questions such as “Does a man’s butt in a bra look like boobs?” and “How exactly could a penis ride a skateboard?” and so, so much more.

Episode 01 of Crudimentary Questions coming SOON!

Sandy & Jill

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