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Guide to Getting It On

Dudes. Friends let friends borrow sex books. This should be a more prevalent thing. Our good friend, Zack, at one time, let us both borrow the book “Guide to Getting It On” and we are ever so grateful for that experience. Hey, and you can GET IT ON Amazon (bah!) if you are so inclined. Seriously, you need it.

We reference this book in our latest episode about Erections as just “The Sex Book” and realized we’ve never fully explained what it’s called or what it’s about or anything. This is the time, people.

This book taught us so much vital information in our formative sex-learning years (aka college). More than parents or teachers were ever willing to teach. Because, hey, guess what? Sex shouldn’t be forbidden or clinical or gross or explained awkwardly by disrespected adults.

No, sex should be fun! Thrilling! Amazing! Yes, a little awkward and naughty but in a safe, vulnerable place. And please explain it to us with wonderful, non-censored drawings of real people having real sex. Talk about the pleasure of it… and with good humor! So much lovely humor.

We just purchased our own used copy (best to buy a used sex book, amiright?) so pretty sure we’ll be posting some excerpts in the future. Stay tuned, my dudes.

Jill & Sandy

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