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Soft Opening

We’d like to announce the “soft opening” of our first episode titled Nudity: Extreme Sports currently available for stream or download on a few legit places known as:

Where it’s not available yet? Well, it’s probably not on some of your cool podcast apps yet. SAD FACE. But it will be! We’re just waiting for approval from a couple other legit places known as iTunes & Google Play. It could be 48 hours or 2 weeks before they approve our dirty, little podcast. And, whatever, we’re tired of waiting! We’ve been sitting on our hands and smelling our own farts for far too long. It’s time.

So here it is! In all of its obscene glory. We’ll make a more official announcement once iTunes gets off its lazy ass and approves us. Uhhh… meaning once beautiful, merciful, all-powerful iTunes bequeaths us the ability to become a podcast.


And please listen to our show.

Sandy & Jill

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