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06 Virginity: Stuffed Crust Pizza

Popping our cherries on this episode of Crudimentary Questions where we ask:

  • Is everyone’s first time super awkward?
  • Why is Beverly Hills Ninja such a great make out movie?
  • Who was Sandy and Jill’s first celebrity crush?

Listen to find out!

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Stay crude, my dudes.

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Pizza Sex

Jill makes her sims act out an excerpt from our latest episode Virginity: Stuffed Crust Pizza available Tuesday March 22

“My poor sims.  In order to record this footage, I fed them nothing but ice cream and pizza and made them have sex over and over again until both their bladders were full and they were miserable.” -Jill

“I love how they smash their faces into the ice cream cones.” -Sandy

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